The best shoe dye

Are you thinking about painting your beloved leather shoes? Then you probably want to use the best shoe paint there is available. High quality shoe paint can really make the difference. One of the brands that offers shoe paint from the best quality, is Angelus leather paint. A lot of people recommend this paint and they have all the right reasons to do so. This paint is known for its high quality. People from all over the world use leather paint from Angelus. Angelus leather paint provides your leather with a durable result. It is elastic, waterproof and very flexible. There is a wide range of colors available, there are at least 140 colors. You can choose between normal colors, metallic, glitter and even neon colors. You can use the paint on any kind of smooth leather surfaces. The paint really draws into the leather and that is why the product has excellent bonding. The paint does not peel or break and also won’t fade as much as paint from other brands does over time. And last but not least, the paint is very easy to use for everyone. 


 After you have used this leather paint on your old shoes, you will not be able to distinguish your old shoes from your new. The paint can be used in any situation and gives you the most beautiful result you could ever wish for. If you are planning on experimenting with leather paint, maybe buying a leather dye kit is something for you to think about. Such a kit contains different colors and different kinds of paint. This way you can get to know all the colors and see how they will affect different products. If you really want to go all out you should order some of the glitter paint they offer.