The road to slow fashion


We all wat to live a more sustainable life, and that is a very good thing. It’s important that we become aware of the consequences of our actions. It would be a good thing if we all took responsibility for the damage we’re all causing to the environment. Part of that damage, is happening because of fast fashion. Instead of four seasons, stores count 52 seasons these days. Every week the stores get a new collection. We all want to buy too much clothes for t little money. People wear a piece of clothing about three to four times and then it goes to waste. I think we should stop the


Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to banning fast fashion stores. We are all looking for more slow fashion options. Below you will find a few tips that will help you to live a more sustainable life.


The first tip, is to give your clothes a second life. For example: you can make your shoes look like new with some shoe dye. You can do the same with a leather coat by treating it with some leather dye. Your worn clothes will look as new again and nobody will even know that you dyed your old. 


Of course, you can also sell your old clothes or give them away. Both of these options are better than just throwing your clothes away. This way, you will make someone else happy with your old clothes. They are getting a second life. 


Third, you can make wiser choices when buying clothes. Instead of buying 10  cheap pieces of clothing for 50 euros, you could buy one nicer piece for 50 euros. Maybe you will wear this piece more than three times and it can be a nice investment. Also: we don’t need that many clothes.